Counter-Strike 1.6

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Take your Counter-Strike 1.6 server to the next level with our robust plugins. Seamlessly integrate advanced features and enhance your gaming experience.

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Show your players stats on your website such as top kills,deaths,headshots, top X players and many more

GunGame 2.13c

Show your GunGame Server statistic such as last game win, top players and many more.

Advanced Ban

Custom Version of Advenced Bans that is maded to work with our platform

GameCMS Plugin

Manage admins, groups, overrides, and track player playtime seamlessly with the GameCMS plugin.

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Yes! GameCMS.ORG offers free features for your CS 1.6 server, such as Bans Management, Admins, and Groups. Everything on our dashboard for CS 1.6 management is completely free!

Don't worry! We understand CS 1.6 has a lot of plugins. Any plugin requested to our team will be added promptly.

Yes, our Demo Website has enabled some feature for Counter-Strike 1.6. Such as Punishments, Stats and etc.

Yes! Our Free Plan is designed to help new servers grow and is available indefinitely.

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